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About Edward

Edward is trained in Nervous System Health, Chinese Massage & Pressure Points, Breathwork, Nerve Flossing, Qi Gong, Biofield Energy Healing, Yoga and Meditation. He constantly studies modern approaches to anatomy, physiology, neuroscience and developmental patterns.
Having been caught in an avalanche, and suffering from PTSD, Edward went on a path to discover how to heal himself.
Edward is passionate about using breathwork and movement to heal the nervous system, based on his own lived experience, research, training and years of clinical practice.

Selected articles and podcasts

This is where I had the honour to share and publish my knowledge.
  • The Embodied Science of Breathwork
    (Bali, 1mo, Jun 2021)
  • Breathwork Teacher Training 400h
    (Bali, 3mo, Sep 2021)
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  • Breathwork Teacher Training 400h
    (Bali, 4mo, May 2020)
  • Breathwork Teacher Training 400h Intensive
    (Bali, 5w, Mar 2020)

Training and events

Teacher trainings, full-immersion weeks, workshops.

How can I help you?

I'm available to consider private consultation, speaking engagement and collaborations.

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